New programming platform, Nodelab, can connect the world visually

San Francisco - September 12, 2016 - The founders of Nodelab had officially launched their official Alpha program at TechCrunch Disrupt. This new platform lets anyone - even those without a programming background - to connect networked computers, programs, and even IoT devices together using a unique drag and drop visual interface. You can sign up for the alpha at

“Using Nodelab is as easy as opening a box of building blocks,” said Nodelab CEO Wojciech Daniło (VOY-CHEH DANEE-LO). “To build powerful programs all you have to do is drag ready-made objects onto the screen and connect them. The real power is behind the scenes. Nodelab is designed to connect the world seamlessly and we think it succeeds.”

Daniło calls Nodelab a "visual interface for the software world." It is a collaborative whiteboard allowing people of different professions to create software, process and analyze data, and interactively visualize results by using a new visual programming language Luna. It shortens the time needed to develop, deploy and maintain solutions for IoT, Microservices integrations, Data Science and others. Daniło is the former head of R&D at one of the biggest film studios in Europe, Alvernia Studios.

Nodelab can be used to power intelligent cities, buildings, offices, and everyday things. All of these things produce enormous amount of valuable information that can be used to optimize energy usage, mapping, and even your diet. Nodelab provides an unified platform to manage complex IoT networks, allowing to gather the information, process it, search for valuable insights and utilize it further to control other connected devices.

The closed-alpha version is available now.

About The Project

Nodelab started in 2015 by Nodelab’s CEO, Wojciech Daniło. He was responsible for creating the visual data processing tools used in many commercials and top Hollywood movies and built the seeds of Nodelab in his spare time in an effort to streamline his work. Realizing the power of the platform, Wojciech gathered a team of specialists from domains of programming languages design and high-performance computing and the Nodelab project was born.

About Nodelab

Further information about Nodelab can be found here:

Official Nodelab website:

Official Luna language website:

PR Outreach

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Dual representations

IoT Live Demo

This 2-minutes video shows a simple example of how to connect a digital display, a fan and a temperature sensor in Nodelab, to automatically control the fan power based on temperature input.

Smart Building Example

A simple example of an intelligent window management in Nodelab. The graph gathers information about temperature inside and outside of a building rooms and opens or closes windows to lower the temperature if it hits more than 25° C. The system can be programmed in 5 minutes even by non-programmers and is automatically deployed, hosted and scaled on-demand by the Nodelab PaaS platform.

Integrating services

An example system tracking facebook photos and uploading to DropBox the ones, which the user was tagged on.

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